Fri 2 Oct 15

NES Launches eMission to Andrew Page Customers

NES Launches eMission to Andrew Page Customers
Andrew Page Ltd is pleased to welcome original equipment manufacturer NES (Noble Emissions Systems) as a key provider of high quality premium exhaust systems.

In close collaboration, NES has launched eMission - a premium range of expert exhaust and emission control solutions now available to Andrew Page customers across its 115 strong branch network.

The eMission range is middle and rear system matched and covers 95% of the cars on UK roads.

Material enhancements introduced to the eMission range include the use of aircraft grade 304 stainless steel for an OEM shape tail trim, which eliminates corrosion pitting, and an internal inner skin to deliver reduced vibration and therefore noise whilst also improving durability.

Performance of the range is greatly enhanced by the use of 120gram aluminised coated materials in the construction of the silencer. With other manufacturers more commonly specifying 80gram coated materials, NES found that, by increasing the thickness by 50%, eMission delivers better resistance to corrosion from acid produced by condensed exhaust gasses.

NES has invested over a quarter of a million pounds in the development of eMission exhaust solutions. Utilising state-of-the-art digital measurement and modelling software, eMission exhausts are designed and developed to replicate the OEM product both visually and acoustically. Testing and design enhancement on OEM and aftermarket products is then conducted in an engine test cell using a bespoke exhaust dynamometer.

The exhaust dynamometer provides NES with a new level of technical expertise and enables extensive testing and benchmarking of back pressure, noise and pulsation, exhaust and gas temperature logging as well as 'hot-spot' identification on any type of exhaust product, whether branded or OEM.

To deliver eMission, NES has introduced specialist press tooling to create a double pressed OEM finish to the end plate. The result is that noise frequencies within the silencer box are reduced, improving noise attenuation. The specification of each wire hanger used on eMission exhausts has been increased from an industry minimum standard of 8mm to a minimum standard of 10mm. This improves fitability and reduces the risk of the wire hangers being damaged during transit.

Says NES Managing Director, Richard Hewitson; "We have listened to our customers and have taken on board their feedback in order to deliver products that respond to their needs.

"eMission is the result of two years of intense product development and testing. We have invested heavily in the brand and have succeeded in perfecting a product that is best in class and will exceed all expectations.

"The tail trim is the first and last component a customer sees on their car and our new eMission system looks great, sounds great and lasts much longer than competitor products." he adds.

About NES
NES was formed from the specialist OE team of BCL Ltd, established in 1952 as a designer, developer and manufacturer of exhaust and emission control products for OEM and Aftermarket.

Working in partnership with vehicle manufacturers and specialist distributors, NES co-engineers exhaust and emission control components for design adaptations, new vehicles or to meet changes in emission legislation.

For more information on eMission speak to your local Andrew Page branch.