Tue 3 Jan 17

Celebrating 100 Years in the Motor Industry

Celebrating 100 Years in the Motor Industry

Mark Saunders, Managing Director
3 years of service with Andrew Page:

I joined the business in February 2014 from Saxon Automotive, as Chief Operating Officer. Since joining LKQ in October 2016, Andrew Page continues to be one of the United Kingdom's largest distributors of autoparts and garage equipment. I am very proud to be part of the Andrew Page family and to be able to take this long standing business into its centenary.

Our core values are extremely customer focused in terms of service, absolute integrity and treating staff and customers alike in a fair and respectful way. We set ourselves out to be a quality player in the market place and we have a big focus on relationships with our customers - we are not just about the transaction. We brand ourselves 'The Autoparts People' and I think it speaks volumes about what we consider to be the most important part of our business. I am excited about the future and the opportunities our new owners will bring.

Mike Farrey, Support Services Director
28 years of service with Andrew Page:

I joined the business in January 1988 at the age of 24. Previous to this I worked at Partco, Bury, Rochdale and Huddersfield, having started my motor trade venture at the age of 21 with Motorist Discount Centre (MDC) in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

It was an exciting time to be joining Andrew Page, as they were just about to open their first Branch in Lancashire (Branch no.6) and I was appointed as Assistant Branch Manager, to Steve Brook (who is also still with the business).

The branch grew quickly as we had a unique offering to the customer base, Bosch Automotive components and also just about everything else required by an Independent workshop. I was fortunate enough to be appointed Branch Manager of Stockport (Branch no.7), which opened on bonfire night in 1990. I remember our first customer - Pete Smith Motor Engineers, who went on to be a loyal and long standing customer and also a friend. The branch opened with 6 members of staff, 3 vans and over the next 10 years we grew to 20 vans and 50 members of staff with a £3m+ turnover.

As the company reached 30 branches Andrew (Page) implemented a Regional Management team to hold responsibility for the field. I was fortunate enough to become part of the first Regional Management team working as the North West Regional Operations Manager and was later appointed as the Senior Regional Manager before taking on the role as Support Services Director.

When Andrew exited the business in 2010, the previously absent dynamic of corporate equity entered into the ownership of the business bringing with it a large UK wide company feel. As we move into another new ERA with LKQ, I am looking forward once again to working with owners who have been engrained in the motor trade and to help this great company move to its next growth level, together with what is clearly the best team of people in the motor trade.

Simon Mullin, Head of Business Improvement
28 years of service with Andrew Page:

My first introduction to the motor industry began as an apprentice mechanic for a small family owned Austin Rover dealership. It was clear from the onset that my vocation was not going to be repairing cars and, for the safety of the driving public, I was seconded to a 'front of house' role in both the Parts Department and Service Reception.

My career with Andrew Page started in 1988 as a Sales Representative. My thoughts at the time were that I would stay for a couple of months to see how it went. Twenty eight years on I am still waiting to see, and so far it's been pretty good. From Sales Representative to Sales Directorship, I can genuinely say that Andrew Page has always offered a career path for those that want it and I guess I'm part of that 100 year story. The ethos of the business remains in many of us, even after Andrew and his family took the difficult decision to sell the business in 2010. As Andrew Page begins its next part of the 100 year journey, I am pleased that a trade investor has decided to walk along with us.

Finally, I often say that when you start work for a new business it's to accommodate a 'lifestyle.' After 10 years it becomes your life. Andrew Page remains a major part of mine and my colleague's lives and long may it continue to do so.

Chris Zealand, Cataloguing Manager
36 years of service with Andrew Page:

It is not possible to write a statement in 150 words that fully reflects my 36 years at Andrew Page; as this allows me approx. 4 words a year. However, I can summarise some of the reasons why I have been a loyal and longstanding member of Andrew Page for this period of time.

When I joined Andrew Page there were 3 depots, it was privately owned, cars were relatively simple and nearly all were made in Britain. Time seemed to be slower and the only technology we used was a telephone. We stocked car and commercial parts, relined brake shoes, sold & fitted car radios, made brake pipes but did not sell oil. With the explosion of vehicle models, ever increasing complexity, the type and range of products sold, the delivery expectations of our customers, I have never been bored.

The success and achievements made by this family owned firm are summed up by the 4 words a year: Identify - Stock - Deliver - Paid.